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How to create a shortcut with relative path in Windows

As you know, normally there are no relative paths in Windows-Shortcuts.
But there's a simple way to get it.

To do so, follow the following instructions:

  1. Create a normal shortcut in that folder where Deployment Tool and setup files are.
  2. In the Wizard type the following path: %comspec% /C  my.exe /parameter value
    Example1: %comspec% /C  \subfolder\some.exe
    Example2: %comspec% /C  ..\prefolder\some.exe
    Example3: %comspec% /C  notepad.exe testfile.txt
  3. Edit the shortcut and remove the text (path) from the "Start In" field
  4. You now have a shortcut with relative path. Maybe you change the shortcut icon to something that fits your needs.